Farewell to Laura Matamoros in Survivors: “She will be kicked out of the classroom”

Nagore Robles, who appeared at the foot of the canyon as a collaborator in the Supervivientes controversy, although he rejected the offer to become the new contestant of the reality show after the abandonment of Carmen Borrego was the last person to speak out about his attitude Laura Matamoros He’s dining at Cayos Cochinos, which won’t please his sister. Anita.

After Kiko Matamoros’ daughter attacked Makoke in the first episode of her competition – while living in ‘Playa Limbo’ with Kiko Jiménez and those chased away by the audience – she focused on her sister’s best friend. Miri Pérez-CabreroHe caused a mental breakdown by accusing himself of being an unreliable “actor”.

Anita didn’t like something that Nagore clearly understood: “I’m sure he’s disappointed and hurt about Laura. Come on man, they talk about my mom like that, they make fun of me like her, and I don’t like it.“So if you haven’t taken your sister’s mother into account, will you take your friend into account?” “He doesn’t exactly care,” he notes.

“I think Laura Matamoros made a mistake and did not value this second opportunity in this competition, which would have been her third in Survivors. This will hurt him and he will be expelled from school again“Either he puts his whole life out of the contest and focuses on Honduras, which is the big winner, or I think he will be out of the contest once again,” he is convinced.

And Nagore has clear favorites, and Kiko Matamoros’s daughter is not among them: “I love Ángel, I think he’s doing very well. There is a saying that I love very much; ‘You’ve changed so much that you have to get to know me again’. I’m learning so much.” “I also think Kiko has developed so well, he’s a new Kiko and to be honest I think he’s great. And Gorka, Gorka, Basque for me… It’s great, so all three for me,” he confirms, while also adding, “I love Miri, Marieta and Blanca.” No sign of Laura!

Nagore is happy with Carla Filla

The television actress admits she is “very happy” with the popular TikToker, despite deciding a long time ago not to talk about her private life. Carla Flila. “I’m very calm, and I think, I don’t know, really, the closest thing to happiness that I’ve ever had is peace. I mean, I never thought that being this calm in my life, that I could be this calm. I would be very happy, but I’m not going to get into my personal life because I was already so into it at that time.” and there are a thousand things to talk about, and I want to leave that part protected, beautiful, I want to share it with my loved ones and that’s it,” he explains.

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