‘Survivors’, ‘Night D’ and ‘Six’ in today’s ‘prime time’

‘D-Night’ come back tonight one from TVE (10:40). On this occasion, the space led by Eva Soriano closes this week’s season with all the ingredients to throw a great party: great guests, non-series folks, and most of all, lots of Pride with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Mario Vaquerizo, Raúl Gómez, Rodrigo Vázquez , Julio José Iglesias JR, Edurne and Nia

telecinco bet on a new installment tonightSurvivors: No Man’s Land‘ (09:55). The Carlos Sobera premiere will celebrate a new liberation ceremony for the candidate with greater support from the audience’s votes. In addition, the ‘Bridge of emotions’ dynamic will return with the lead roles of Nacho Palau and Ignacio de Borbón. Separately, both will have to get on and cross the bridge as they progress through certain chapters that mark their lives.

US military elite at laSexta

sixth Premiere of the series tonightSix‘ (10:30). The fiction is based on the stories of the most elite special forces in the United States, both on and off the field. When the Navy sends the best, it sends the SEALs. When SEALs want to give their best, they entrust it all to the ‘SIX’ team. Thus, the production focuses on the missions and daily lives of members who are part of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), known as ‘SEAL Team Six’, one of the main US counterterrorism units. US Armed Forces

On your own behalf antenna 3 A new episode airs tonight’Siblings‘ (10:45 pm). Nebahat begins to suspect that Akif is cheating on her. Also, Melisa’s birthday party will change everything even more. In return, Aybike will do something that will cause everyone to remain silent.

Carmen Porter brings technology to Cuatro

four released a new installment this Tuesday’The future(10:50), new program on science, technology and innovation presented and led by Carmen Porter. The program will focus on all these technological developments that contribute to improving various aspects of daily life related to work, leisure, health and well-being; in recent research in fields such as medicine, the brain, consciousness and nature; state-of-the-art systems and applications; and on robots and nanotechnology, among other topics.

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