Russian cosmonauts on the ISS trained in Orlan spacesuits 02:11

Russian cosmonauts at the International Space Station (ISS) completed their training in Orlan-ISS spacesuits before their spacewalks. This was reported by a special correspondent TASScosmonaut corps commander Oleg Kononenko.

According to him, during training in Orlan-ISS spacesuits, cosmonauts were convinced of their correct functioning, appreciated the accessibility and ease of use of devices that ensure work in the airlock. In addition, the compliance of the spacesuits with the astronauts’ anthropometric data was also checked. Kononenko noted that it was possible to adjust the size of the spacesuit from 165 to 190 cm using a system of soft power bands with special fastening and a mechanism for tightening the elbow part of the sleeve.

Working overpressure was created in spacesuits during training. Kononenko explained that at this pressure, it is necessary to ensure that all systems of the suit can be controlled using the controls located on the front.

The training was held before the spacewalk of cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub, planned for April 25-26.

Before reportedThe air leak from the Russian section of the ISS did not significantly affect the operation of the station.

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Source: Gazeta


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