Creamy Profiterole, a dessert for those with a sweet tooth

In the cake universe, Profiterole They hold an important place as an embodied dream of gluttony. This sweet It is a product that is consumed in pieces, is always an irresistible snack with its taste and texture, and is liked by almost everyone. Moreover, you don’t have to leave the house to taste it. With a little skill we can easily make these in the kitchen. to satisfy our sweetest appetites.

The basis of profiteroles is pasta chouxA light dough of French origin filled with cream, it can also be made with pastry cream. Crown them or don’t crown them chocolate It’s a matter of preference, but if we follow this traditional recipe, the result will not disappoint us in any case.


for mass

-250 cl of water

-150 grams of flour

-100 grams of butter

-5 eggs


-10 grams of sugar

For the cream

-400 grams of whipped cream

-100 grams of sugar

Preparation of Creamy Profiteroles

-In a pot we set water on fire add without boiling and butterHE sugar and a pinch salt. We mix it with some sticks and when everything is integrated FameCook over low heat, mixing well with a wooden spoon or dough spatula. At the end of this first step, the mixture should come off the walls.

Now add the eggs one by one and mix the dough each time. So they are perfectly absorbed. Once the mixture is now homogeneous, remove the pot from the stove and let it cool.

A moment from the profiterole preparation process. Shutterstock

– When tempered we can pour the batter into a piping bag or use two spoons To make profiteroles. It should be taken into account that they will grow in the oven. We preheat and We bake the profiteroles at 180° for 25-30 minutes..

-After you’re ready, We let them cool. and before reaching the end we cut it with a knife like a sandwich. Fill them with the cream that we have previously whipped with sugar. -It will be easier with some electric rods-. Again, we can use a piping bag or spoon.

-The final touch for those with more sweet tooth, chocolate Pour black. You’ll only need to melt a few grams – we could use the microwave – and decorate or coat the pre-prepared morsels according to each person’s preference.

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