Benefits of morning sex for women and men Named sexologist Bulakh: for some women, morning sex is more preferable 11:13

For some women, morning sex may be more preferable: in the morning it is easier to relax and enjoy the process, sexologist, psychotherapist, vice-president of the Professional Association of Sexologists and member of the Russian Psychotherapy Association, Andrey Bulakh, told .

“For some women, morning sex is more preferred, because in the morning it is easier not to think about anything, to relax, to switch gears. It also happens that a woman feels tired, lethargic in the evening and has a hard day, children, work, etc. There is a common situation where people experience severe stress due to Therefore, morning sex can be more invigorating for women,” noted the expert.

If you have the opportunity to lie down together in the morning after sex, this will bring the couple even closer.

“If we talk about the male body, the level of male hormones increases in the morning, this is their peak. There is also an increase in blood flow to the sexual organs and pelvis and relaxation occurs. Morning erections, which are normal for most men, enable the man to have sexual intercourse more effectively. This is especially helpful for men who experience certain erection problems at other times,” said Bulakh.

However, the expert stated that morning sex is not suitable for everyone, and some people do not feel alert enough in the morning. In this case, it is better to postpone sexual intercourse until a more comfortable time for them.

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