European Union accused of selling weapons to dictators 09:45

german newspaper Berliner Zeitung Citing a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), he writes that the European Union sells weapons, including to dictatorial regimes, because their production is not coordinated in the alliance countries.

Additionally, Max Mutschler, senior researcher and military expert at the Bonn International Center for Conflict Research, believes that European countries together spend significantly more on the military than Russia. Since the EU does not have a common purchasing system, the efficiency of the industry is decreasing.

“Germany spent $66.8 billion on defense equipment last year, which is a nine percent increase on the previous year,” he said in the release.

Mutschler added that he was concerned that European weapons were also sold to autocratic countries and that they could be defined as partners.

Previously former CIA analyst Ray McGovern reportedThat in order to prevent the defeat of Ukraine in the election year in the United States, the American side may resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

Previously Ukrainian military in the name The most terrible weapon of Russian troops.

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Source: Gazeta


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