Two military helicopters crashed in Malaysia after colliding during parade rehearsals 07:45

Two military helicopters collided during rehearsals for the Royal Malaysian Navy’s 90th anniversary parade. The publication reported this Malay Post.

According to media reports, the medium multi-purpose helicopter AgustaWestland AW139 collided with its light counterpart Eurocopter Fennec. According to the publication, one of the helicopters crashed at the entrance to the stadium of the Lumut airbase, and the other crashed into the swimming pool of the sports complex of the airbase.

There may be a total of ten people on board. According to preliminary data, there were no survivors from either crew.

Before that two military helicopters collapsed In Japan. The probable cause of the accident was the collision of two combat vehicles. According to media reports, SH60K helicopters (Mitsubishi) were conducting submarine detection exercises over the Pacific Ocean at night.

The aircraft stopped communication at 22:38 and 23:04 local time (16:38 and 17:04 Moscow time), and at 22:39 one of the crew sent a distress signal. Each of the combat vehicles had four crew members. The depth at the crash site exceeds 5.5 km, which significantly complicates the rescue operation.

Previously Japanese media chaotic low flying helicopter crashes.

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Source: Gazeta


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