The level of the Tom River in Novokuznetsk dropped significantly 05:31

Novokuznetsk Mayor Sergei Kuznetsov said that the level of the Tom River near the city dropped to 440 centimeters. He wrote this in his book telegram channel.

According to him, the water level was 630 centimeters on Sunday, April 21, and dropped to 525 centimeters on Monday morning.

“As of April 23 at 08:00 (04:00 Moscow time), Tom River – 440 cm (190 cm before dangerous), Tom River (Abashevo) – 469 cm (161 cm before dangerous), Kondoma River (Kaltan) – 295 cm (335 cm dangerous), Aba River – 20 cm (160 cm dangerous). There is no flooding in residential buildings. The living conditions of the population have not deteriorated,” Kuznetsov said.

It was previously reported that the water level in the Tom River in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo Region dropped to 525 cm. This figure is 105 cm below the danger level. According to Kuznetsov, such data is available as of 08:00 (04:00 Moscow time). The official also stated that there was no flooding in the residences. At the same time, he noted that the living conditions of the population were not violated. Kuznetsov added that the Novokuznetsk headquarters continues to monitor the situation.

Formerly in the State Duma called for a return Money to the Russians who built the dam near Orenburg.

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Source: Gazeta


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