Telecinco airs new season of ‘Mental Masters’

Television networks have already prepared their programs for Tuesday, April 22. While Telecinco is broadcasting the new episode of ‘Mental Masters’, Antena 3 is betting on the new episode of ‘Hermanos’ and La 1 is opting for a new ‘Masterchef’ program. On the other hand, laSexta is betting on the movie ‘The Woman in the Van’ and Cuatro is betting on the movie ‘Martínez y Hermanos’.

Telecinco is airing the new episode of ‘Mental Masters’ starting at 22:50. Dizziness, intelligence, concentration, visual acuity, dexterity, mental agility and lots of humor come together in the new program ‘Mental Masters’, hosted by Carlos Sobera, which invites celebrities to an unprecedented mental and sensory experience. on TV. GoyoPoty, El Sevilla, Edu Navarrete, Samanta Villar, El Cordobés and Ana Peleteiro will be the guests who will participate in this fight.

Antena 3 bets for the new episode of the ‘Hermanos’ series start at 22:45. While Ayla is about to confess to the police, Berk enters the police station and makes an excuse to get his mother out of there. The two of them go out to the street together, but Berk pushes her away while crying and says he doesn’t want to see her again. Emel is in the orphanage after social services took her away. Şengül begs for it to be returned to her, but fails. Şengül tells what happened to her shocked family. Finally, they allow Asiye to stay with her sister at the orphanage, and the next day the director allows them to take the girl home.

La 1 opts for a new ‘Masterchef’ program from 22.50. On the first day of the week, the immunity badge, a privilege they can use when they need it most, will come into effect. The first challenge will be undertaken by Chef del Mar, Ángel León, who will discover marine soybeans, an ingredient that could revolutionize food. The challenge will be to make a dish using fish and marine soybeans. The best duo will fight in a new match for the immunity badge. María Lo will join them. The jury will try it blindly, and Toñi Moreno and Blanca Romero will continue to be in charge of the kitchens. The outdoor team test will take place in Guadalajara, with a menu for 100 people to cook at the Palacio del Infantado, the current headquarters of the Guadalajara Museum. Both teams will prepare a delicious menu full of Alcarreña gastronomic delights. They will have the support of actor Juanjo Ballesta. In the elimination, the black aprons will find an apple under the Mystery Box. Restaurateur and chef Cristina Oria will bring apple dishes that applicants must copy, such as tarte tatin, foie mi cuit millefeuille with green apple and smoked eel, or confit cod with apple and celery cream.

LaSexta is betting on the movie ‘The Woman in the Van’ starting at 22:30. One day, Miss Shepherd, a woman of unknown origin, parks her van on a curb in the driveway of writer Alan Bennett’s house in London. What is initially a reluctant favor turns into a relationship that will change both their lives. And Miss Shepherd stayed there for 15 years. A unique and touching story shot on the street and in the house where Bennett and Miss Shepherd lived all these years.

Cuatro airs the new episode of ‘Martínez y Hermanos’ starting at 22:50. Actor Álvaro Morte describes the embarrassing moment he experienced one day when he thought he recognized someone he knew on the street. Meanwhile, Argentinian pop diva singer Lali details her unique dishwashing method to create harmony between different elements of household items. Similarly, influencer and content creator Esperansa Grasia admits that she loved Infanta Elena’s first child as a child, reveals some of the unique promotional job offers she received, and describes how her mother cut off her finger.

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