Does the air conditioner or the fan consume more?

New one electricity bill marks historical peaks. An increase of about 30 euros per month. And since the beginning of June, the rise in the price of electricity has spiraled out of control, as at this time it is already 74% more expensive than last year and chains for four weeks at unprecedented maximums.

this increase in electricity price activated alarms in homes this summer. And it depends on the direction of the house, but generally at temperatures close to 30 degrees, fan or air conditioning to be a little cooler and more comfortable at home.

Save on electricity bill has become a necessity and many curiosities Does the fan or air conditioner consume more?. Both devices use electricity, but in a matter of seconds, air conditioning is the most effective option. cools the air and the temperature of the whole house begins to drop.

Air conditioner or fan: which spends more

Certainly, this device consumes much more, but other factors and advantages should be taken into account compared to other factors. fan.

  • Energy efficiency: If it is new, it will not consume as much as before. A good time to renew and reduce your electricity bill
  • Strength: It is better to choose one that is not very powerful and controls the temperature and keeps the costs at bay. If it also has inverter technology, the consumer will be more efficient.
  • spent: An air conditioner with approximately 3,000 refrigerated units costs around 0.15 Euros per hour of operation. In other words, the final cost will depend on the price of the kilowatt and the time it works.

How to calculate air conditioner consumption: It is a sequential number of kW expression. If the power of our equipment is 2.2 kW, the consumption calculation will be: Power consumed = power of the equipment x operating time in hours x price per kWh.

The savings are more than the bill offers. air conditioning, although it has other disadvantages that make this option not so appealing. The fan moves the air, but does not cool it. This situation affects the houses negatively in very hot regions or at sunset, because if the air is hot, there is no feeling of freshness, on the contrary, the same hot air is dispersed into the room where the appliance is operating.

A floor fan consumes about 90 kilowatts per hour. A roof is around 60 kW.

How to save energy with a fan

  • If the environment is cool, turn off the device before going to sleep and take advantage of the good temperature outside.

  • Use lower speeds, because the higher the speed, the higher the consumption

  • Place the device in the room where you spend the most time and get the most out of it.

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