Doctor said going to the sauna can prevent stroke 19.04.2024, 23:40

Regular sauna use can reduce the risk of stroke by 61% and the risk of dementia by 66%. This protective effect is associated with improved vascular function when exposed to heat. British doctor Michael Mosley talks about this said Daily Mail edition.

Spending time in a steam bath or sauna has many potential health benefits. According to Mosley, the effect of dilation of blood vessels, increased temperature of the skin and internal organs, increased heart rate and sweating in a room with hot, dry or humid air is similar to that of an intense workout. This is due to the benefits of sauna for the heart and blood vessels.

Mosley stated that this method of increasing vascular tone helps prevent dementia. A study by scientists from the University of Eastern Finland found that regular sauna use reduces the risk of developing dementia by 66%. In another study, the same Finnish researchers found that sauna users were 61% less likely to have a stroke than those who used sauna infrequently (once a week or less).

However, people with existing cardiovascular disease should consult a doctor before entering the sauna or avoid such entertainment altogether. If your health is good, the duration of stay in the heated room should not exceed 15 minutes.

used to be a doctor saidIs it possible to go to the bathhouse if you have a cold or hypertension?

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