Arturo Valls: “My conclusion from ‘two years and a day’ is that no one should go to jail for a joke”

Prison, humor and a recognized face on television are the cornerstones of life. ‘Two years and a day’, new original series Atresplayer Premium. this comedy starring Arturo ValleysIt tells the story of one of the most recognizable faces of the Atresmedia Group, a famous and beloved actor and presenter who was sentenced to two years and one day in prison for religious crimes by an innocent but unfortunate person. , joke.

player and server stars Carlos Ferrer, a successful actor, comedian, and presenter It changes forever with a perfect life up to 18 crucial seconds. His appearance in the proclamation of Carzuelo de la Frontera, posing as the Virgen del Cierzo as a stepping stone to Holy Week, aroused the anger of the coastal lawyers association, who accused him of committing a crime against religious sentiment. The complaint was accepted for processing, and the judge, a devotee of the Virgin of his town and also a costalero, sentenced him to prison. Now Carlos has to adjust to his new life in prison, where he will have to spend two years and a day. YOTELE talks to Arturo Valls about the premiere of ‘Dos años y un día’, among many other topics.

You are the executive producer and executive producer of ‘Two Years and One Day’. How would you describe this series in your own words?

It is the first prison comedy/situation comedy. Coincidentally, we will see a well-liked and very successful presenter and actor who played me deprived of his freedom. Suddenly, a very good man finds himself in jail for an unfortunate prank. We will see how he spent his days in prison, how he shared his life with the prisoners, took selfies… He is a very famous person and the first thing they want is to take a photo and send it to their mother. It also has a very different tone and is a very special comedy.

We’re not used to seeing comedies whose plots revolve around a prison. In addition, the starting point is a very current issue, such as the limits of humor.

Yes, we start from that premise. So that’s not what the show is about but the reason Carlos Ferrero went to jail is an unfortunate joke. It’s a religious crime. In order not to develop the subject too much, my conclusion is that no one should go to jail for joking. This is a radical and disproportionate result. I don’t really believe in the limits of humor. You have to know where you said the joke, to whom you told it, to whom you told it and when, it’s a very important thing, because today there are jokes that can’t be made anymore because it’s not funny, not because of self-censorship. Things have changed, society has evolved, and comedians have to evolve with people and not go by what behaviors, topics, or stereotypes. We should ask for forgiveness, move on with life, there are things that are much more painful and disturbing and above all we should not go to jail.

What do you most identify with about Carlos Ferrero?

The thing I would describe most is the character’s career, television, competitions, editing… It’s kind of similar. In public love for him (laughs). Fortunately, I can enjoy it too.

And what less?

I couldn’t tell you. Maybe later we’ll talk about a particular obsession that Carlos has for prestige. Wig syndrome, what do we call it? He wants to stop doing competition and humor and do something more serious like drama because it’s more valuable. This interests me a lot, and if I want to explore it, it’s for fun. Changing, seeing what happened, is not because people are obsessed with accepting me. I may be further away from Carlos in that sense, but we are pretty much alike.

You have a roster of well-known faces like Adriana Torrebejano or Amaia Salamanca, among others. Juanra Bonet will also be a part of it, and it will be very intriguing, because in the afternoons of Antena 3 you were brothers and now enemies in fiction.

The Juanra Bonet thing is like an ‘as-itself’ American movie.. Juanra Bonet plays Juanra Bonet. This also has to do with scripts. It’s easier to convince people if the scenarios are cool. Knowing who is behind the project at all times encourages people to say yes. We are very pleased with the cast.

Do you see any possible continuity in the series? Do you think it can continue beyond the six episodes of this season?

I hope so, but it also depends on how people take it, but I would like to. The show has its share of enjoyment in that universe once the viewer is determined. We already know where we are and who is who, and now it’s time to have fun, get yourself started, make a pure and simple comedy with independent events. Another sitcom to use, because let’s say this needs more introductory episodes. I wish there was a second season to bring out the writers, comedy and entertainment. I think the series will find its tone there and the pure fun will begin.

Beyond ‘two years and one day’, I would like to ask about your next professional projects. This year has been busy, but you still have stuff to air like the third season of ‘Mask Singer’.

It’s been a whole year and what’s left. I will also premiere ‘True Story’, a program presented for a platform by Ana Morgade. Leaving ‘I’m falling now’ allowed me to start more fiction projects. I prepare much more interesting things than production, both in editing and entertainment. We are developing my first entertainment program as a producer. I’m also shooting a movie with Malena Alterio after the summer.

How did the recordings for the third season of ‘Mask Singer’ go? Monica Naranjo Y Main Obregon to the research team?

It was incredible. When the Honorary King took off his mask at the first gala, so… (laughs). Article! He escaped from me! (laughs) Seriously, it was a lot of fun. Ana Obregón gave a rollazo to the show you will see. She fought Javier Ambrossi very well. There is more of everything. There are even double masks. This is madness. Season three is pure fantasy. You will see.

Last year, Samantha Hudson starred in the Atresplayer Premium Christmas special where she is your widow and always remembers you. Want to do the next special event as an answer from beyond?

This is not a bad idea. Bought it for you. Now I’m going to sell it to the folks at Atresplayer Premium and we’re going to do the sequel to Samantha’s special (laughs). It would be cool.

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