The court decided to pay compensation to a Russian woman due to unauthorized searches by collectors 20:53

A woman in Komi received compensation from a creditor for obsessively reminding her of her debt. In this respect said In the press service of the courts of the republic.

As the local resident stated in his lawsuit, he was officially declared bankrupt in February last year. However, the collection agency NSV LLC, operating on the basis of an agency agreement with Russian Post JSC, made calls throughout 2023 and sent SMS messages to the woman’s number demanding payment of the loan debt.

The Russian woman evaluated her moral pain at 250 thousand rubles and asked the bank to compensate for moral damage. The Priluzsky District Court considered the woman’s claim and recognized that the false calls to the plaintiff’s phone number were a violation of privacy.

Now the defendant company must pay an administrative fine of 250 thousand rubles, but the court collected only 3,000 rubles in favor of the injured woman.

Russia previously sentenced to life imprisonment lawsuit filed The colony has compensation.

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Source: Gazeta


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