Scientists discovered substances in bacteria against tuberculosis and diphtheria pathogens 04/17/2024, 23:59

American microbiologists from the University of Washington have discovered a new class of antimicrobial substances in soil bacteria, Streptomyces. They may form the basis of more modern antibiotics. The research was published in the scientific journal magazine Nature.

The substance is umbrella-shaped protein particles. Streptomycetes use this toxin as a weapon to fight other microbes.

According to scientists, umbrella toxins are complex protein complexes. They are highly specific for bacteria.

The study authors suggest that these properties of umbrella toxins explain why they were never discovered in more than 100 years of research on compounds produced by streptomycetes.

The genes encoding umbrella toxins were found during bioinformatics research for new bacterial antibiotics. It turns out that these substances are associated with many other proteins, making them difficult to isolate.

Microbiologists believe that “umbrellas” can infect more than 140 different microorganisms, including fungi and the causative agents of tuberculosis and diphtheria.

Previous scientists was created Silver micro-fans to purify water from bacteria.

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Source: Gazeta


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