A man beat his ex-girlfriend, who asked for the return of expensive gifts after their breakup 04/17/2024, 23:57

A man in China beat his ex-girlfriend after she demanded the return of expensive gifts given to him. This was reported by SCMP.

Li, who lives in Beijing, claims to have spent 4 million yuan (more than 53 million rubles) on her ex-boyfriend Deng. She accused him of beating her, allegedly after she asked him to return expensive gifts.

“He implied that if I wanted our love to continue, I should continue to give him money and buy him nice things. “She only dated me for money,” he is sure.

The couple started dating in 2019 after Li got into taxi driver Deng’s car. For two years, the girl bought luxury bags and sneakers for her lover, and also transferred a total of about 2 million yuan to her account. They separated in 2021 when Lee discovered his partner was living with another woman.

The former young man attacked and severely beat a Chinese woman who did not want to return the money he demanded through the court. The man claims that they now have a joint account and that the items his ex bought were designed to be used together. He has not commented on the domestic violence allegations.

“I want him out of my life forever. He’s been following me for too long,” Deng told reporters.

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Source: Gazeta


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