USA stated that the third world war has already started 04/15/2024, 19:55

Former US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Larry Johnson expressed the opinion that the third world war has already begun on the planet. talked about it Youtube channel Dialogue Studies.

In an interview, the expert was asked how he assesses military actions in Ukraine, Iran’s recent attacks on Israel, the conflict in the Gaza Strip and the possible escalation of tensions around Taiwan.

“There is a world war going on right now by proxy,” Johnson responded.

He also warned about the possibility of the United States being dragged into direct hostilities because of the Americans themselves.

US Congressman Tim Walberg at the end of March statedThat the United States should not provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and instead drop nuclear bombs on the area.

April 15, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby statedHe said the United States does not want a bigger war in the Middle East and is not seeking conflict with Iran.

Previously former US intelligence officer statedHe said the conflict in Ukraine was coming to an end.

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Source: Gazeta


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