In Poland, they selected the most powerful Russian weapon for the Ukrainian Armed Forces 22:23

Russian glide bombs pose a serious threat to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). A Polish publication wrote about this Defense 24.

Military experts concluded: “The problem of Russian glide bombs will soon become a significant problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

They reminded that Russia has increased its use of glider bombs in the last few months. Thanks to this ammunition, Russian planes attack but do not enter the Ukrainian air defense zone.

The material stated that strong air defense is necessary to counter the weapons of the Russian Armed Forces. However, when the Ukrainians moved the systems closer to the line of contact, they became the target of glider bombs.

Former Russian Ambassador in the name Zelensky and the West admit that Ukraine is heading towards the abyss.

Formerly Ministry of Defense of Ukraine named Amount of military aid as of February 2022.

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Source: Gazeta


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