Doctor says chocolate helps stop biting 20:05

American nutritionist Emma Bardwell said Eating a few pieces of chocolate after an afternoon meal helps prevent evening “bites,” says the Daily Mail. This method of appetite control is beneficial for people whose blood sugar levels are unstable (for example, women during menopause).

According to the doctor, low blood sugar levels can negatively affect a person’s health. “Low sugar” can be the result of intense physical activity or any changes in the body. Also, during menopause, the amount of glucose in the blood in women may decrease, which sometimes causes anxiety and negatively affects the emotional background.

The nutritionist recommends eating more protein foods (such as cottage cheese, yogurt, scrambled eggs) for breakfast to maintain stable sugar levels. The doctor explained that insulin sensitivity increases in the morning. This means that the body can use the sugar in food more efficiently and keep the amount of sugar in the blood at a constant level.

At the same time, you should not abuse fast carbohydrates (cereals, baked goods) for breakfast. Such foods can cause a sharp “jump” and a subsequent drop in blood sugar levels, which will negatively affect your health. Bardwell recommends consuming sweets, such as chocolate, in limited quantities after dinner. A balanced main meal will slow the absorption of glucose into the blood. At the same time, the feeling of pleasure from what you eat will remain, which will help you avoid “biting” in the evening and improve your mood.

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