Pamesa announces closing of cogeneration plants

Europe’s largest ceramic manufacturer Pamesa Grupo Empresarial announced this Friday closure of cogeneration plants “Given the current unsustainable situation caused by high gas prices, to which we must add regulatory uncertainty,” the company he heads said in a statement. Fernando Roig. Pamesa has been a pioneer in the use of cogeneration technology in the clay atomization process for ceramic production since 1994. Since then, it has invested in new facilities until it has an installed capacity of 100 MW, which includes an investment of 120 million Euros.

As the group explains, “cogeneration associated with the ceramics industry is the most efficient system for the co-generation of electrical and thermal energy. Efficiency percentages over 80%, in contrast to combined cycles, which achieve a maximum efficiency of 55%. Since the approval of the electricity market compensation mechanism (“gas ceiling”) on 14 June, electricity produced through cogeneration has fallen. On the contrary, Pamesa adds that combined cycle production has been increased in order to close the gap caused by the stoppage of cogeneration.

The impact of the current situation” is clearly visible. More commissioning of combined cycles to the detriment of cogeneration plantsthis causes the market price of energy to rise for all consumers. ).


And all this because of the “lack of knowledge about how cogeneration works, 25% increase in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This situation has become even more unsustainable if possible, with the start of old coal plants that have recently stopped working due to energy inefficiencies and, above all, very high CO2 emissions (3/4% in recent days). generated energy and both 13%/17% of CO2 emissions in Spain)”.

The group also Unjustified delays in issuing cogeneration fees. It coincides with the first period of the last published 2020. That is, we have been producing for 2 years without the corresponding approval of the remuneration regime, since the said fee must be updated every 6 months and published before the application period. “.

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