Barcala asked Fundesem for sensitivity and warned: The land transfer will end in months and will return to the City Council

mayor of Alicanteluis barcalamade it clear he doesn’t intend to be just a spectator on The crisis between Fundesem and Ivaceregional body to terminate the contract and 1.65 million payout Euros he owes for the rent of the building where he lives on Calle Deportistas Hermanos Torres. Thus, Alicante’s first mayor claimed this Friday sensitivity spoke to the training center and reminded Consell that: assignment contract The land on which the property is located belongs to the municipality, expires in the next few months that the council can claim complete reversal.

In particular, given the possibility of choosing the Ministry of Economy transfer the property to the Alicante Chamber of Commerce or call another operator to assign him to business school, but remembered with another brand “The future of the education complex inevitably passes through the City Council”.

In this way, Barcala emphasized that he “trusts that there is a sensitivity in Fundesem”. Alicante can’t lose a business school and there may be alternatives” and “The joy of talking about the center and building where some or all of Fundesem is located, future destinations, uses and not sitting with the City Council”.

The mayor wanted to “make it very clear”.contract about to expire (before year end) and think converting the building into the town hall“, in accordance with the terms set at that time in the three-way agreement signed in 1992 between Fundesem, the council and the then Impiva. It is larger than any other agent could have had. Therefore, common sense to the City Council, which will say anything to remove the uncertainty about the future of the education complex. And I want respect.” said.

“We’re talking about a few months until the agreement that allowed the transfer of land for the building’s construction to expire, and finally to the expiration of the agreement that allowed everything to return to the lease,” Barcala said.

Faced with the economic difficulties of the center, Fundesem officials, Agreement with European University In order to sub-lease part of the building it currently occupies, it aimed to teach four degrees related to the field of health in facilities. An agreement to report an annual income of 400,000 Euros to the business school.

But it was necessary for change the assignment contract get the permission of the land owner – the Alicante City Council – and the Generalitat who built the building. Specifically, from Ivace. The council gave birth green to work, but they refused from the autonomous body on the contrary, they decided to terminate the lease agreement with Fundesem and demand delayed payment of all debt due to non-payment of annual rent, considering that the business school had not taken the necessary decisions to improve its situation. guarantees financial condition and payments.

In this way, Fundesem’s managers are now analyzing the alternatives on the table – either to get an immediate economic injection or to resort to competition – while the Ministry of Economy is considering what the future target of the building will be. be. There may be a possibility that the Alicante Chamber of Commerce will occupy it, but in any case, Minister Rafa Climent has also made it clear many times that he thinks Alicante needs a business school. In other words, whoever occupies the property must set aside at least some of the facilities for this purpose. Now the mayor is making it clear that any decision needs his approval as well.

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