NATO leaves Madrid in front of Russia with injection of soldiers, planes and ships

After 72 hours of behind-the-scenes negotiations, NATO allies approved the deployment of more troops and military capabilities against Russia; an Alliance preparing to receive two new partners, Sweden and Finland; and with a clear set of routes for strategic conflict for the next ten years with Chinese.

The world is no longer the same and the Euro-Atlantic organization says it is ready for new challenges. The massive increase in combat-ready forces, A deterrent message to Vladimir PutinIt’s also a warning of unity against the Asian giant.

Ukraine, the occupied country that led to the new deployment, didn’t get much out of the meeting: new promises to send supplies, but of the same kind as those sent earlier. No significant increase in western support in this sense: no tanks or warplanes, for example. The Alliance continues to pursue the tactic of supporting but not engaging in war. He is preparing for a long war on European soil and does not see the end of the Russian offensive.

deterrent military deployment

NATO leaders agreed to put 300,000 troops on high alert before the middle of next year. It currently has 40,000 soldiers. Troops remaining in their country of origin, but ready for combat in the event of a Russian attack. At the Jens Stoltenberg press conference, a three-layer preparation system will be established: 100,000 people must be ready to reach a conflict zone within ten days. 200,000 more in 30 days. You can earn up to half a million deployable in three months. In case of conflict, tactical forces based in Europe would be used first. Then, too, those of the operational reserves on the old continent. Finally, he will be recruited in other NATO countries, the United States and Canada; these are what are known as strategic reserves.

But there will also be soldiers from different countries who will leave their homes to fix their place in the countries closest to Russia. NATO will immediately send four multinational battalions (about 1,000 soldiers each) to Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Romania. The already existing Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland will be upgraded to brigade level. The number of US destroyers at the Spanish base in Rota will increase from four to six and will be easily deployed in a conflict zone. Washington will also send more F-35 fighter jets to British bases.

The details of these new troop shipments and the contribution of each country are unknown. Among them, predictably, from Spain.


In the nearly five months of the Russian occupation, the United States sent about 6,000 million weapons to Ukraine. At the Madrid summit, Washington announced a new 770 million package: anti-aircraft defences, Ammunition for missile launchers and radars to detect Russian artillery. UK, another 1100 million euros in arms. France will send six more Caesar artillery systems. NATO as an organization has adopted a “complete aid package” that includes fuel, medicine, demining equipment and anti-drone systems.

Not enough. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said he needs 5 billion euros in military equipment every month to continue the war with Russia.


The Madrid summit started before it even started. On Tuesday afternoon, before the first meeting of the Atlantic Council and after long hours of tripartite negotiations, Turkey signed an agreement with Finland and Sweden. Tayyip Erdo─čan decided to lift the blockade upon the signing of the NATO accession protocol of the two Scandinavian countries. There was euphoria.

But the Turkish president himself has already dropped this at the meeting of international leaders. He warned that if Helsinki and Stockholm did not comply with the imposed conditions, he could again block the entry process by preventing the ratification of the treaty in Parliament. The extradition from Sweden of 73 Kurds whom Ankara considers terrorists, among others.

The subject is extremely sensitive. After the 2016 coup attempt, Turkey slipped into a semi-authoritarian system that jailed dissidents and violated human rights. The cost is high for Sweden because Ankara is also demanding changes to its anti-terrorism legislation. And it will wait for results before allowing permanent access.


Perhaps the most resounding change left by the Madrid summit is the change in the spirit of NATO. According to its members, it adapts to the new time; According to China, it once again bears the scars of the Cold War and the conflict between the blocs.

The change embodied in the Strategic Concept is radical. If Russia appeared as a partner in the 2010 Lisbon document and China was not even mentioned, in this document in Madrid, the Moscow regime was transformed into the new old enemy and the Beijing regime was targeted by the allied countries. The People’s Republic is, in the words of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, a “strategic challenger”, a “tyrant”. threatens a small democratic candidate (Taiwan) Japan blocks free movement in the seas it shares with Australia, South Korea or New Zealand. All four countries were present at the summit. For the Japanese country, this was his first expedition.

Risks were mentioned from North Africa, the Middle East and the Sahel, in particular from terrorism, but also from hybrid threats (such as migration or political use of energy resources as defined by Spain). It was one of the diplomatic targets of the Spanish Government.

Beyond sharing intelligence on terrorist groups operating in the region or delivering aid packages to allied countries in the region, NATO did not specify capabilities it could deploy in the event of a security threat. Agreement reached on strengthening security in Mauritania.

Next year, the NATO summit will be held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Just over 200 kilometers from the Russian border.

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