Police thwart an attack on Prado Museum against NATO summit

The National Police blocked the most striking action against the NATO summit before it even happened. group activists XR (Extinction Rebellion) Y Youth for Climate They intended to enter the Prado Museum and stage a protest against the political-military alliance meeting in Madrid.

As Prensa Ibérica’s investigation and events channel CASO ABIERTO learned, her intention was to enter the room during her summit. Velázquez’s painting “Las Meninas”It is the same place where the gala dinner of the heads of government on Wednesday was photographed.

One woman, 40 tickets

Agents from the Information and Citizen Security Brigade participated in the operation, which took place on Thursday, April 23. Initially, the activists planned to gain access to the Prado. During the NATO summit, but they decided to push the date forward days before it started to avoid the biggest security deployment; Ultimately, they failed to achieve their goals.

When the alarm goes off, according to police sources a woman bought 40 tickets Distributed device to reach the museum made it possible to identify when 21 activists are already available To enter the Prado. While searching for them, agents found masks and banners. Other sources talk about what they’re wearing paint cans.


According to police sources, the intent of the XR activists was: divide into groups around the museum and the star finally a non-violent action in the Las Meninas room, but the Prado was already guarded by the police, in fact there is a permanent police station inside the Museum.

The XR members were lucky and had more opportunities a few days later, on Monday the 27th, when the thirty or so members managed to enter the Reina Sofia museum and put on a performance in Picasso’s “Guernica” room. Meanwhile, the activists fell to the ground pretending to be dead. The four, dressed in gala outfits, toasted with banners that read “War is the Death of Art” and “The masters of war will meet here.”

XR protest action at the Reina Sofia museum / EUROPEAN PRESS

Extinction Rebellion or XR is an environmental group fighting against climate change and the passivity of governments. Born on 7 October 2019 in England, where more than 500 people tried to occupy and paralyze London City airport, it sat at the departure and arrival gates for three days. Its symbol is an hourglass and its slogan against climate change is “time is running out”. They claim to have distinguished themselves from other groups such as Ecoologists in Action and Greenpeace, whom they have confirmed to be “already part of the chorus”.


It took place for the first time in Spain during the climate summit held in Madrid in December 2019. A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion in Spain later told EL PERIÓDICO “we are a non-violent movement. We know we are being investigated by the police, but we have nothing to hide.” they advocate ADNV (non-violent direct actions)despite warning his followers “Let’s break some laws”.

Police sources have previously stated that they are “well organized, acting through Telegram”. According to the starling theory. An ideologue guides and prepares everyone, but on the day of action there is someone tasked with telling the rest what to do, they follow without asking. This guarantees transparency, security, and discretion.”

Source: Informacion


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