The 2025 Goya Awards gala will be held in Granada on February 8

The premiere of the 39th Goya Awards in Granada will take place on February 8, as announced this Wednesday. President of the Spanish Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Fernando Méndez-Leite.

In a joint speech with the mayor of Granada, Marifrán Carazo, Méndez-Leite announced that they are already working on the organization of parallel events that will accompany the gala celebrations to be held in this Andalusian capital in the coming months. We are heading to Valladolid, the headquarters of the latest edition of the film awards.

In addition to PCongress Hall that will host the award ceremonyThe academy will use some of the city’s most emblematic locations for previous events and even some related to the gala itself: “We will vamp Granada as much as we can,” Méndez-Leite detailed. Unique corners of this capital are the San Nicolás viewpoint, where the view takes place.

The president declined to give further details about the gala because it involves the organization of a “very complex” event in which 27 awards are presented during a prolonged show and sometimes musicals are put together “little by little.” He says there were issues that were not finalized until the last few weeks.

At the same time We will meet the presenters of the gala soon, However, he answered journalists’ questions after assessing that the choice of Ana Belén and the Javises as the hosts of the last event was a “great idea” that worked “very well” and was received “very positively”.

The academy is making preparations in cooperation with the Granada City Council, with the aim of 2025 being the “best” of the editions held so far.

These efforts include organizing a series of events throughout the remainder of the year and leading up to the gala celebrations, exhibitions, screenings of nominated films, meetings with actors, nominated directors and technicians, and other educational events for children. The idea of ​​bringing Spanish cinema to every corner of the city.

“We are interested in selling Goya, just like Granada is interested in selling Granada.”The academy president noted that he was in line with the city’s mayor, who felt that the gala celebration was another incentive for him in his ambition to become European Capital of Culture in 2031, a race in which they are already competing. .

This is the fifth time that members of the academy and the City Council have held working meetings on the organization of the gala, which will be held in the central Congress Palace, where some adjustments will have to be made to accommodate and have more seats. Méndez-Leite noted that he would probably expand the script.

The mayor emphasized the importance of projecting Granada’s image nationally and internationally through Spanish cinema, with the annual Goya Awards “going far beyond what we could have imagined the academy a few years ago”, according to Méndez-Leite. “He’s taking his first steps.”

The next edition of the Goya Awards will be the eighth time in the Awards’ history that the gala will be held outside Madrid. So far the Goyas have traveled to Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia, Seville and Valladolid.

Source: Informacion


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