A brick wall collapsed on a man during house construction in the Moscow region 08:19

Surgeons at Volokolamsk hospital rescued a patient trapped under a brick wall; The man was hospitalized with multiple fractures. In this respect reports Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region.

The 36-year-old man was in serious condition when a brick wall collapsed on him during the construction of a house. After the examination, doctors diagnosed him with multiple fractures of the pelvic bones, a closed fracture of the ankle with displacement and contusions of the anterior abdominal wall.

“After the patient’s condition was stabilized, we performed metal osteosynthesis on pelvic fractures using a minimally invasive method for the first time. The operation was successful and lasted two hours,” said Vasily Kozlov, head of the department at Volokolamsk Hospital.

After a long rehabilitation process, the outpatient patient was discharged and his health condition is not in danger.

A seven-year-old girl previously crushed The concrete fence in Mytishchi collapsed.

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Source: Gazeta


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