USA extends the construction period of the new District of Columbia submarine 03:43

The US Navy has postponed the creation of a new nuclear submarine in the District of Columbia for a year. writes about this RIA News Referring to a post on the account of one of the correspondents of the American publication Politico.

According to journalists, this submarine should replace the largest Ohio-class submarines. However, as can be seen from the statement made by the US Navy, the signing of the contract for the construction of the District of Columbia was postponed for 12 to 16 months. Construction of the submarine was initially expected to be completed in 2027.

Moreover, the creation of smaller submarines had to be postponed even further. The message emphasizes that the same situation applies to the new missile cruiser.

March 13 Bloomberg reportedAmerican experts plan to build only one submarine in 2025. This situation arose because the US administration decided to reduce the government’s order for ships in the last defense budget document.

As a result, Washington was suspected of trying to disrupt the agreement to sell submarines to Canberra, signed within the framework of the military-political alliance AUKUS (Australia, Great Britain and the USA). However, Australian Ministry of Defense spokesman Richard Marles said that work in this direction was carried out in accordance with the determined deadlines.

Formerly US Department of Defense decided Reduce the rearmament program.

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Source: Gazeta


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