Scientists discovered where the holes in the skulls of humans and dinosaurs came from 02:11

German scientists from Tübingen and Ruhr Universities have found an explanation for the anatomical mystery that has occupied experts for the last 150 years. It was concerned with the origin of open holes in the temporal bones in the skulls of most vertebrates, including humans and dinosaurs. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine Anatomical Registration (TAR).

In humans, the window in the skull is located above the cheekbone. The jaw muscle passes into the lower jaw, whose movement we can feel during chewing. Various fossil reptiles, including dinosaurs, have differently shaped openings.

Scientists compared the skulls of dozens of land vertebrates spanning several million years of evolutionary history.

Calculations have shown that the holes in the skulls help maintain the stability of the skull bones during bites, during which strong stress spreads towards the neck, which leads to the formation of bone bridges in the temples.

Additional lateral shear forces occur when an animal shakes prey or tears off leaves from plants. With the help of the jaw muscles, all these forces return to the starting point throughout the force circuit.

According to scientists, if there were no holes in the temples, the load would be distributed in such a way that the skull would not be stable and would crack under a strong bite.

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