NASA participated in the investigation into the object that fell on a house in Florida 01:27

NASA participated in the investigation of possible debris that fell from the International Space Station (ISS) onto a house in Florida. This is stated in the post’s message To inform.

“NASA has seized the item and is working with its host to have the item analyzed at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and determine its origin as quickly as possible,” the report said.

Before reportedIn the United States, a mysterious object pierced the roof and two floors of the house of a resident of the city of Naples in Florida. The object was a metal cylinder weighing approximately 1 kilogram. The artifact is believed to be a dead battery belonging to the International Space Station (ISS). A block of nine spent elements belonging to the Japanese aerospace agency JAXA was jettisoned from the ISS in 2021. It was assumed that the devices would burn up in the atmosphere.

According to the Live Science portal, experts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) took a piece of space debris for later analysis at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in order to determine its origin.

Previously recognized It’s about launching a Japanese satellite into orbit to combat space debris.

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