2021 Income Campaign ends this Thursday

this Income Campaign and Heritage 2021 According to the calendar of the Tax Office, it ends on Thursday, June 30. This way, taxpayers have only a few hours to prepare their respective income tax returns. The exercise before the end of the campaign, starting on April 6

in cases declared with The campaign ended on Monday, June 27, as a result of entering with automatic payment.

have so far More than 20.5 million statements, More than 13 million of these will be refunded, according to data from the Tax Office to which Europa Press has access.

In the campaign as a whole, 21,921,000 declarations, It is 0.9% more than last year, and 14,350,000 of that total (two-thirds of the total and 1.1% more than in the previous year) are expected to qualify for an estimated EUR 11,122 million (5.8% more). ).

The Tax Office alson a total of 5.971.000 declarations will be entered (1.5% less) amounting to 13,400 million Euros.

Main innovations

This year, as the main innovations, an increase in the tax divisions on Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for highest incomes, investments in cryptocurrencies or the greatest care for helping people affected by La Palma volcano.

especiallyTo increase the rate of the state taxing labor income over 300,000 Euros up to 47% by two percentage points, and by three points for capital income of more than 200,000 Euros, Up to 26%, which will affect 36,194 taxpayers (0.17%), including €491.4 million (144 million in 2021 and 346 million in 2022) according to Treasury estimates.

Also in 2021 Deductions of up to 2,000 Euros as a maximum contribution from individual pension plans, While the joint discount limit (participant and company) has been increased from 8,000 euros to 10,000 euros, according to the Government, the company plans to increase business contributions and ease the “tension” of these benefits. The measure will provide a collection of 580 million in 2022.

Regarding the Wealth Tax, Last year Budgets introduced a 1% increase to 3.5% for assets exceeding 10 million Euros.

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