Point Nemo: The largest piece of ocean that is not land in sight

In 1992, Croatian-Canadian engineer Hrvoje Lukatela calculated the exact location of what is technically known as the “pole of inaccessibility in the oceans.” About The furthest point of the entire planet Earth relative to any land surface.

It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is more commonly referred to as ‘Punto Nemo’, on the one hand, out of homage to Captain Nemo, the protagonist of Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but also because of the meaning offered. Translated from Latin: “no one”.

This point could be calculated with the coordinates 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W. draw the largest possible circumference over the Pacific without touching any land area. That’s how Point Nemo came to be, with not a single islet that occupies the center of a 16,900-kilometer circle and shows this to the human eye.

This inevitable region of planet earth It is approximately 2,700 kilometers from the three nearest islands. Ducie Island (Pitcairn Islands) to the north, Motu Nui (Easter Island) to the northeast, and Maher Island to the south.

Point Nemo is the most inaccessible point in the world pixabay

Therefore it is said The closest people to this corner of the planet are the astronauts of the International Space Station.400 kilometers from Earth.

A space debris cemetery

And speaking of space, distance from human life does exactly that Point Nemo. the perfect place to throw away all that space junk He said he came from missions and should return to Earth without posing a risk to the population.

For example, in the depths of this location they are found in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. remnants of the former Soviet space station MIRThe first dedicated to permanently inhabited research.

Point Nemo’s Location Google Earth

This station was launched into space by the former Soviet Union. After 15 years in orbit, it became obsolete and was ordered to be removed from orbit and decomposed in the atmosphere. Thus in 2001 it was deposited in a controlled manner into the Pacific Ocean, at Point Nemo.

This is just one example of ships, satellites, and other space debris reaching this inaccessible pole since its exact coordinates were discovered exactly 30 years ago.

As for marine life, it is considered to be quite scarce due to the lack of many species that thrive at these great depths and the lack of food available due to currents blocking entry. from cold waters.

At this point, depth 3,700 meters and is considered one of the ocean regions with less biological activity in the world.


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