“There is still hope.” Possible victims of attack on drilling platforms in Crimea revealed

Oleg Kryuchkov, information policy adviser to the president of Crimea, said that there were probably dead as a result of the attack on the drilling platforms of Chornomorneftegaz.

“Search work continues in the Black Sea. According to preliminary information, not everyone was saved, but there is still hope, ”wrote Kryuchkov Telegram.

Seven people are currently missing, according to a TASS source in the emergency services. Three injured were taken to Simferopol No. 6 Ambulance Hospital by helicopters.

According to Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi, the rescue operation continued all night. The fire on the affected platform does not subside and the fire spreads to the well. “The fire in the tower does not go out, they tried to approach on the ship, it was not possible. The fire spread to the well, the extinguishing works are continuing,” he said. DEA News” covititis.

Damage assessment

Sergei Tsekov, Member of the Federation Council International Relations Committee highlightedblows to drilling rigs caused environmental damage in the entire Black Sea and in all countries in the Black Sea region.

“It doesn’t just hurt Russia and Ukraine, which are closest to where the towers are. This is an environmental damage to the entire Black Sea region and to all countries in the Black Sea region.

Tsekov urged the countries of the Black Sea region to respond to Ukraine’s attacks and not to ignore what happened, such as the spread of Ukrainian ship mines in the sea area. “You can see how poorly Ukraine reacted to the mines they set up in the waters of the so-called Black Sea coast. And they are disintegrated and transported across the Black Sea, ”she recalled.

Chornomorneftegaz said it should be included in the list of businesses damaged by the Ukrainian armed forces. In the future, a lawsuit will be filed with the court for compensation. “Cases are being prepared by the Council of State” [Республики Крым]. I think these damaged objects should also be included in the list of businesses,” he said, describing the attacks as “a manifestation of stupidity.”

“They showed their stupidity. Moreover, they did not show such an example that the world community could throw aside. Here is a deliberate blow to the towers. While the normal world community understands everything correctly, everything that is abnormal in the Western European person, in turn, understands abnormally. Still, they need to pay attention to this in the most serious way. ” said.

State Duma Deputy of Crimea Mikhail Sheremet clarifiedpeninsula officials will calculate the damage in the near future. “Damage assessment has started, the executive is currently working on this issue, assessing damage. We will learn about this in the near future and we will take the necessary measures.”

“The executive branch, represented by the Governor, is doing everything possible to minimize the damage caused by Ukraine. I am confident that our towers will be restored and continue to work. “We will take some measures to ensure that it is secured in the future and that such extremism is prevented,” he said.

According to Sheremet, the UAF strikes on the drilling platforms are not related to Zmeiny Island, because it is not an “important outpost” that “makes sense for them to fight today”.

“They have more important duties, including in the political arena. I think such actions are more of a political motivation for the field of knowledge. They need to show another victory, ”says the parliamentarian.

Attacks in the Black Sea

On the morning of June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out three attacks on three Chornomorneftegaz drilling platforms located in the Odessa field. At that time there were 109 people in the towers.

Crimean leader Sergei Aksyonov said on his Telegram channel that 94 people were evacuated from the platforms. The politician assured that the search for the missing will continue and that the Crimean government will contact their family and friends in the near future. He added that 15 soldiers guarded the platforms.

20 June Russia Investigative Committee awakened Criminal case of the bombing of a drilling platform by Ukraine.

As Viktor Vodolatsky, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Citizen Relations, noted, the attacks were most likely carried out by Ukrainian military missiles made in the UK or the USA.

Crimean authorities reported that “not everyone can be saved” after Ukraine hit drilling platforms in the Black Sea. The search and rescue operation did not stop even at night, seven people are now thought to be missing. Three injured were taken to Simferopol hospital. Crimean authorities count the economic damage. Read more in the article “socialbites.ca”.

Source: Gazeta


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