It is clear who benefits from dark chocolate 09:33

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen (England) found that chocolate helps reduce the risk of thrombosis and improves hematopoiesis in men. Research results published In the journal Molecular Nutrition Food Research (MNFR).

42 healthy volunteers of different genders participated in the study. They were asked to eat a few pieces of dark chocolate specially enriched with cocoa extract. The volunteers then gave the scientists blood samples to evaluate the activity of platelets, elements responsible for clotting. It turns out that men produce more nitric oxide after eating dark chocolate. This compound dilates blood vessels and facilitates blood flow to organs and tissues.

Scientists have also found that dark chocolate can prevent platelet aggregation (sticking together) and the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. This significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Researchers suggested that this beneficial effect was due to the high plant polyphenol content in cocoa. These compounds have antioxidant, vascular strengthening and anti-inflammatory effects.

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