Many major accidents occurred due to icing on the highway in the Sverdlovsk region 08:25

There were many major accidents on the highway in the Sverdlovsk region. This was reported by E1.

The events occurred on the Serovsky road. According to eyewitnesses, many cars and trucks were blown away by ice. As a result, some cars overturned.

As one eyewitness noted, the car crashed into a snowdrift before his eyes, flew, spun twice and hit the ground. Thereupon, traffic police and other drivers came to the rescue.

“We don’t know exactly what happened to the driver. But it was scary and creepy,” the woman shared.

In addition to this accident, several more were observed on the territory of the Serovsky district. According to eyewitnesses, they are at the scene perceived lots of broken down cars, minibuses and gazelles. Some drivers noticed the troublesome situation on the road and turned around and walked away.

Earlier, a drunk woman driving a Volvo in the Moscow region compressed eight cars.

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Source: Gazeta


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