Svetlakov spoke about the rescue of Burunov during the terrorist attack in the Moscow region 07:40

Russian TV presenter and actor Sergei Svetlakov in an interview with a blogger Nadezhda Sagittarius He told how he saved actor Sergei Burunov during a terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall near Moscow.

Svetlakov said that Burunov, who was also a fan of the Picnic band, planned to attend that concert but was late. The television presenter warned him not to enter the concert hall building after the attack began.

According to Svetlakov, Burunova called him when the shooting opened and said she would arrive in a minute.

“I told him to stay where he is now and not go in,” the TV presenter recalled.

Sergey Svetlakov it was Crocus was at City Hall during the terrorist attack. He came to the picnic group’s concert as a spectator. HE named What happened was “hell”.

On March 22, a terrorist attack occurred at Crocus City Hall. Before the picnic group’s performance, gunmen entered the hall and opened fire on the audience. After this, explosions occurred and a fire broke out. “” broadcasts events.

previous eyewitness said About the panic during the shooting in Crocus.

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Source: Gazeta


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