Putin said that F-16s could be nuclear weapons carriers and that the Russian Federation would take this into consideration 00:34

American F-16 warplanes can carry nuclear weapons. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated this. He reported this information when commenting on possible deliveries of such aircraft to Ukraine. TASS.

The head of state added that Russia will take this into account during combat missions.

“F-16s are nuclear weapons carriers. We will also have to take this into account when organizing,” said Putin, commenting on the situation during his meeting with military pilots in the Tver region.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is named after the mascot of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The aircraft is a fourth-generation American multirole light fighter.

It was developed by General Dynamics in 1974. The F-16 is the most popular fourth-generation fighter jet and is in demand in the international arms market due to its versatility and relatively low cost.

F-16 Block 70 and Block 72 received the same set of equipment and differ only in the engine: the first version has the General Electric F110 power unit, and the Pratt & Whitney F100 is integrated into the Block 72 design. Block 70/72 differs from previous versions of the F-16 by a modernized cockpit with a high-resolution main display, an expanded set of weapons and the presence of compatible fuel tanks. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with a radar station with an active phased array antenna.

It was previously reported that the first fighters. checkmate It may appear in 2025.

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Source: Gazeta


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