Doctor forbids lying down for back pain Neurologist Ovdienko: The worst treatment for back pain is bed rest 22:11

If you have back pain, there is no need to lie down or limit your mobility. In this respect “To Doctor Peter” Neurologist Oksana Ovdienko said:

Often the first instinct of people with back pain is to find a comfortable lying position and stay there until the pain goes away on its own. The doctor stated that this was the worst option. Others fend for themselves by restricting their movements to protect their lower back. This is also a mistake. In fact, bed rest is not recommended for either acute or chronic pain. If the pain is caused by excessive strain of the back muscles, you can slightly reduce the load. However, moderate physical activity is included in the list of various types of treatments for lower back pain.

“Physical activity reduces the level of emotional stress, which almost doubles the effectiveness of traditional treatment methods in treating chronic pain,” Ovdienko said.

The doctor also did not recommend warming the back or consulting a chiropractor for pain, especially without medical training. You can use corsets and painkillers (if you are confident in their safety, taking into account other diseases). If the pain does not go away within three days, is accompanied by weakness or a change in sensitivity in the limbs, increases with movement, spreads to the sides, legs, neck and waist, or if there is a problem in the joints, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Urination or pain not relieved by rest.

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