‘Attraction Debate’, ‘Callejeros’ and ‘Mom or Dad’ compete for audiences today

Seductions are discussed‘He’s coming tonight for his final deliveries telecinco (22:50). The reunion of Álex and Marieta, eight months after the experience in Villa Playa and Villa Montaña, will be the center of attention of the program hosted by Sandra Barneda. The images will be published and commented by all the heroes on the set. A meeting where the two protagonists arrive ready to settle all outstanding scores after their time in the Dominican Republic, especially after Álex’s decision to give up on his experience with his favorite bachelorette, Gabriela. Are you still together? How did everything develop during this time? In this face-to-face meeting, they will also have to confront their seducer who will reveal their emotions and offer their perspective on what is happening.

Paco León and Miren Ibarguren will fight at Antena 3

Antena 3 is betting on the new release of the movie ‘Mamá o papa’ (22:45). Flora and Víctor are the parents every child would like to have: modern, fun and loving. However, the day they decide to divorce, everything goes wrong and they find the job opportunity they have dreamed of all their lives. There’s just one problem: custody. No one is willing to surrender. So, by the judge’s order, the children will have to decide with whom they will stay: with their mother or with their father? From this moment on, exemplary parents will declare war on each other and there will be no truce. Both will do everything possible to avoid losing custody of their children.

For your part, one TVE’s feature film is releasedAssassin (Battle)‘ (22:45). After his partner is brutally murdered by feared professional assassin Rogue (Jet Li), FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) vows to hunt down the elusive criminal and avenge his partner himself. However, Rogue proves to be very good at the art of disappearing without a trace and is only seen again three years later, sparking a bloody war between Chang (John), the leader of the Chinese mafias. Lone) and yakuza boss Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi). Wanting to capture Rogue once and for all, Crawford brings his special team into the middle of the conflict. But Crawford’s bloodlust clouds his professional judgment, and as the violence escalates, Crawford eventually comes face to face with his enemy and discovers that nothing is as it seems when it comes to Rogue or his own plan.

Four presents a new installment this Wednesday (22:50):strays‘. On the eve of the Easter long weekend, Fanny Boehm and Roberto Secunza expose the irresponsible behavior of some drivers in our country. Like David, although he was lucky and could say so, a drunk driving motorcycle accident on Madrid’s Paseo de la Castellana left him with a severe limp. However, his parents died in an accident hit by a careless driver, and his brother died in another accident after drinking alcohol. A father who smoked marijuana and drove his minivan with his children in the backseat, a VTC driver who tested positive with a passenger in the vehicle, or a doctor who tripled the minimum allowable amount of alcohol twelve hours before starting his shift are some of the positives. It was detected by security forces during some checks witnessed by the program team.

The Purge takes over laSexta

‘A new transition’Anarchy. night of monsters‘ aforementioned sixth (22:30). Crime is on the rise in the United States and prisons are full. The government decrees that for twelve hours, one night a year, all criminal activity, including murder, will be legal. The police cannot be called, hospitals do not accept patients, citizens have to fend for themselves because there is no punishment for committing a crime. 5 people who were left out of their homes that dangerous night decide to come together to better confront the wild citizens trying to calm their desire for violence.

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