The reasons for the decrease in dexterity in old age were named by Doctor Proshchaev: Decrease in dexterity may be an indicator of age-related hand syndrome 07:00

Age-related hand disease is a syndrome that manifests itself with various functional disorders in the hand due to age-related changes and diseases. It may manifest as external changes in the appearance of the hand, such as knobby fingers, decreased tactile sensitivity, and decreased dexterity. Kirill Proshchaev, geriatrician, Doctor of Medical Sciences, specialist of the social project, told

“Any movement of the hand is carried out thanks to the function of a number of complex “nerve springs”, and the imbalance between them inevitably leads to reduced control of the hand or reduced sensitivity. “The processes associated with human aging affect all these functions of the hand and can lead to difficulties in performing daily habitual actions and psychological problems,” explained Proshchaev.

According to him, the reasons for the aging of the hand may be the general processes of aging of its tissues and various diseases.

“The most common problem in the aging hand is a significant decrease in the flexibility and mobility of the joints, which almost all older people complain about. The reason for this is not only age-related changes in the joints, but also atrophy of the hand muscles and defects in the walls of the vessels feeding the hand. It is impossible to 100% prevent the development of age-related hand syndrome, but it is possible to prevent some of its symptoms. For example, physical activity involving the upper extremities helps slow down changes in the neuromuscular system that affect touch sensation in the hand. Therefore, the hands need to be properly trained, for example, using expanders and other devices,” added the expert.

Skin aging can also be slowed down by eliminating or reducing exposure to external factors such as ultraviolet radiation and smoking. It is also necessary to protect your hands from the chemicals used during cleaning.

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