Biologists grew rare coals to study their DNA 06:49

Biologists from Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University have grown an endemic loach species in the laboratory to study their DNA and developmental regulations. This has been reported Web site Educational institution.

As the press service notes, employees of the Laboratory of Anthropogenic Ecosystem Dynamics are studying the genetic processes and molecular developmental regulators responsible for the evolutionary adaptations of fish when developing different ecological niches in lakes. As part of a joint study with the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, offspring of the endemic moss of Kronotsky Lake were grown in the laboratory.

Biologists need to figure out which genes work to shape the heads and mouths of particularly rare fish. For this purpose, embryos of six species of loaches and the ancestor Dolly Varden living in Kronotskoe Lake were obtained.

Currently, scientists have established that the process of development of certain head features is triggered and controlled both at the level of changes in the properties of proteins due to multiple point mutations in genes, and due to changes in the intensity of different expressions. genes.

Previously published in the journal Nature Communications WroteHe said biologists have created a new technology that will improve gene therapy tests to keep the liver alive outside the body.

Previous scientists I learnedHow to improve brain cleansing?

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