Many people in Japan hospitalized after taking nutritional supplements 01:00

More than a hundred people in Japan were hospitalized after consuming Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s red yeast rice supplements, the agency reported. Kyodo.

A second death was also linked to the product, the agency said.

“The number of people hospitalized after consuming the supplement reached 106, and the government announced an urgent review of such products advertised as having medicinal properties,” the agency said. More than six thousand different products in Japan contain this additive.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare reported a second death from the annex. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical previously reported the first death of a person who consumed a red yeast rice supplement and developed kidney disease. The company found that the deceased had been taking the supplements for three years. The company recalled eight red yeast rice supplements in connection with this case.

It also found that at least 26 people who used such supplements and faced various diseases, including kidney problems, were hospitalized.

The first signals about the negative health impact of supplements came in January, when the company learned that six cases had been hospitalized, including patients requiring dialysis.

In response, Japan’s Minister of Consumer Affairs and Food Safety, Hanako Jimi, began reviewing six thousand dietary supplements following the first death linked to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s Beni-koji Cholesterol Aid supplement.

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