Nearly 100 houses were damaged in Sevastopol as a result of the attack on the city at night 19:56

Nearly 100 houses were damaged in the attack on Sevastopol on the night of March 24. This was announced by the director of the Sevastopol Department of Public Security Alexey Krasnokutsky, writes TASS.

“As a result of the attack, 96 apartments and private residences were damaged, 30 administrative and commercial buildings, 62 pieces of equipment and public transportation were damaged,” he said.

Six passenger boats and 25 cars were also damaged. After the attack on the city, approximately 400 calls came from residents of the region due to shrapnel and explosives.

March 24, city governor Mikhail Razvozhaev reportedTransportation infrastructure was partially damaged as a result of a missile attack at night in Sevastopol.

According to the information obtained, the windows of 5 boats were broken, 3 passenger and 13 school buses, 1 trolleybus and a social taxi vehicle were damaged.

Formerly Governor of Sevastopol said About the consequences of the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the city.

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Source: Gazeta


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