Total anger at the harsh verdict of the survivors: “Vile, disgraceful… His face is harder than a rock”

“Habemus” tomato in Survivors. And at the center of it all is Carmen Borrego. María Teresa Campos’ daughter is the parsley of all sauces Telecinco is at the helm of this new edition of the reality show. He clashes with other colleagues and is currently being temporarily removed from the island for his mental health status to be assessed.

Carmen Borrego is gaining great antipathy among the viewers of the popular Mediaset competition, and they have been drawing attention to her for days now, as they have understood her. Passive attitude during the competition and the tests it creates. Many people are criticizing Terelu Campos’ sister for appreciating the “laziness” in the development of her journey in the Survivors adventure.

In addition, the contestant, especially Ángel Cristo Jr. He had notable moments of confrontation with María Teresa’s daughter, Fields, but they also affected other Supervivientes contestants, such as Asturian Arantxa del Sol, who came to express their fed up with Fields, daughter of María Teresa.

Carmen Borrego looks like she’s having a really bad time on the survival reality show. Actually hecaptured cameras how the television collaborator cried at various moments. But not only that, he was also suffering from an upset stomach and food was the scarcest thing on this show. Moreover, he even vomited.

Added to this was the emotional collapse he showed. Reaching the point of bursting into screams and asking to be removed from the program. Finally, although he admitted that he had great difficulties, he actually stated that he did not want to leave the Telecinco program yet.

Finally, Survivors medical team decided to remove him after experiencing anxiety. They say the goal is to assess his situation to decide whether it is appropriate for him to remain on the island.

Anger among the audience

It was this decision of the Telecinco reality show that caused a wave of indignation among many critics of Carmen Borrego’s performance in Supervivientes. A tsunami is more than a wave. Actually, this topic has been discussed before. host Sandra Barneda and collaborator Nagore Robles confronted each other on setwho had girlfriends in the past.

The truth is that viewers did not hesitate to show their dissatisfaction with Telecinco’s decision, appreciating the positive treatment towards Carmen Borrego. Some of the dozens of reactions:

  • I do not believe in that! I guess they give him the privilege of power rest for a few days and come back. Anxiety doesn’t allow you to remain calm in a stressful situation like Carmen Borrego is now. To your house!

  • HE paper Knowing who the director is, nothing could have been more scripted than this, nothing surprises me.

  • Ah harder face They own both the program and it.

  • Everyone there gets nervous and sometimes they take us around on boats… I’m terrified, just let him go, for God’s sake…

  • What a shame. Those of us who watched this beautiful reality show witnessed the psychological and physical conditions at the limit. But the limit of reality. This is so sad Favoritism at its best. Despicable. This contest is going to hell.

  • What shamelessness.

  • This place is thought to be a holiday resort. You scold people for less, it doesn’t even make a difference. This has no worries, all it has is laziness and a face harder than a rock.

These are just a few examples of the critical messages that Survivor viewers sent to Carmen Borrego and the decision to temporarily remove her from the island for a possible return.

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