decorate with Flowers Y in the plants One of the most natural and enjoyable trends you can include in your home. There are those who prefer to place only green leafy plants in different rooms of the house or choose one plant or the other according to the scent they give off. Well, today we are going to tell you about a plant that many people prefer. beautiful blue flowers. He also has a very poetic name. about plant don’t forget me. Yes, with such a whimsical name, you will definitely remember to water it and give it due care to make it look shiny in any corner. We will tell you how to grow. herb Remember me (myosotis silvatica) care at home and needs to be fully developed.


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What is forget me?

this Remember me The raspilla flower is a very common plant inside homes and gardens. gardens private and public for its beautiful flowers. In addition, it is an easy plant to care for and is very grateful for as it will look beautiful with a few simple cares.

How to grow a forget-me-not plant at home

to grow plant forget-me-not in your home or garden you just need a moist, nutrient-rich substrate. You can plant it in a well-drained pot and place it in a place protected from the wind. If you put it inside the house, be careful not to be near drafts, if you put it on the terrace or in the garden, choose a sheltered place for it.

What care does the plant need, do not forget me

forget me not plant cold resistant and can thrive without much light. In general, it does not require intensive care for its healthy and bright growth.

The Forget Me Not plant will suit every corner of your home. pixabay

Place the plant in a semi-shaded location that receives sunlight but not direct sunlight.

Another thing to keep in mind is remove withered leaves so that the plant does not waste its energies on them and focuses only on the most beautiful and blooms correctly.

this Remember don’t open me up in small bouquets still formed by many small flowers. This gives it a very decorative and original look.

Forget-me-not flowers don’t make beautiful bouquets pixabay

It usually blooms in the spring, especially in May and June.

don’t forget me how to water

It is important that the substrate of this plant is always moist, but be careful not to allow it to become flooded. Water once or twice a week if the environment is too dry. Compulsory avoid placing a plate under the pot because the water would pool there and rot its roots.