Judas Priest opposes “those who try to kill heavy metal even before it’s heavy metal”

Rock classics tend to adapt to the touring regime without needing to introduce new material, but Judas Priest continues to innovate their work: here it is ‘Invincible Shield’, their 19th studio album, ‘Invincible Shield’ To protect themselves from the bullets and thrown objects they say they have had to face for more than 50 years. Ian Hill, bassist and historic member of this band who wrote the anthems of the genre, explains: “Even before heavy metal was heavy metal, we had a lot thrown at us by people trying to kill it.” ‘Metal gods’, ‘Lawbreaker’ or ‘Victim of the changes’.

Referring to the judicial process they faced in the ’80s, Hill mentions “a lot more, including claims and lawsuits that metal is dead.” They were accused of encouraging the suicide of two fans with dark messages in their songs (the case in which they were found innocent). “But we are still here; “Not just us, but heavy metal in general.” They dedicate this uncompromising metal album, which they reprized the production of their touring guitarist Andy Sneap (now solo) and produced largely during the pandemic days, to all gravediggers. “For this reason, we couldn’t spend much time together in the studio and worked individually, but the break allowed us to work more comfortably, without pressure, translating the songs.”

shadow metal god

‘Invincible Shield’ raises the traditional sound barrier by combining fast choruses, as in the opening song ‘Panic Attack’, with more adventurous structures such as the title track or ‘Giants in the Sky’. In memory of the late Lemmy (Motörhead) and Ronnie James Dio. A venerable voice before us Rob Halfordand on one of the guitars you can still feel the touch of ‘metal god’ Glenn Tipton, who has been out of touring since 2018. Parkinson’s. “He’s doing as well as any of us could be in his condition. He’s always been a warrior. His disease is degenerative, but histamine medication stops his tremors. AND his ears haven’t changed“He is still there and contributing ideas that are important.”

Judas Priest represents the essence of heavy metalA genre whose initial formulation placed Ian Hill in yet another group from Birmingham. “If someone invented metal it would definitely be Black Sabbath. although it wasn’t called that at the time. They called it hard rock, progressive rock…” he explains. “We were like sponges back then. My biggest influence was Jack Bruce from Cream. For Ken (KK Downing) it was Hendrix and for Rob I’d say David Bowie.” During the ’70s the band honed their style until they culminated in an album. lighthouse excellent, ‘English steel’ (1980). “Everything came together there.: musical direction, image… And that was the period when bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon or Def Leppard emerged.”

The ‘Other’ Priest

In those days he completed the guitar duo. KK Downing is the original member who left the ship in 2011 due to disagreements. “It was a huge ‘shock’ for everyone because Ken was such an integral part of the band. I think he was wrong, and I told him that in many ways, but he was clear. Nobody wanted it. Just him,” Ian Hill replies. The guitarist now tackles the Judas Priest repertoire with his band KK’s Priest and the singer, another former member of the band. Tim ‘The Ripper’ Owens (It occupied Halford square in the 90s). “Nothing happens,” says the bassist. “He was instrumental in creating this material and has all the legitimacy to steal it.”

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