Why do mosquitoes bite some people and not others?

because mosquitoes Do some people bite more than others? What factors influence the preferences of these insects when choosing their victims? There are colors that especially attract mosquitoes, such as black and red, which should be avoided at all costs during the warmer months.

But these insects not only attract colors, they also attract. certain scents. Body sweat of people, alcohol intake and food It is the odor that attracts mosquitoes the most.

According to entomologist Rosario Melero-Alcíbar, who specializes in mosquitoes, The CO2 and lactic acid that humans expel from their skin through sweat is something that attracts mosquitoes.

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As he told the Rac 1 radio station, what attracts these bugs more than people’s sweat.”body odor that varies from person to person and it can be more or less intense”. Alcohol also increases the excretion of CO2 through the skin.

In addition, hot and abundant meals raise the body temperature and increase the CO2 concentration in the skin. This attracts mosquitoes because the scent in question cannot be camouflaged with cologne or perfume, according to the expert. Similarly, “flowers and other fragrances in our environment do not affect the likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes.”

Melero-Alcíbar points out that repellents impair the sense of odor around people and the sensing capacity of mosquitoes, especially skin repellents, which manage to confuse the insect. Other items such as candles, bracelets or smoke sticks have a limited range.

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Recent scientific research from the University of Washington has shown that insects perceive human skin as red, this tone is attractive (white, on the other hand, leaves them indifferent)Therefore, it is recommended to avoid wearing bare arms and legs in summer.

Other previous studies have Mosquito preference for certain blood groups such as 0 and B. Likewise, they prefer people who sweat for one or more days to those who have sweated recently, so a good shower before bed is preferable to avoid their bites.

Y Genetics also play a role. There are some people who secrete substances that are unpleasant for mosquitoes. as natural repellents.


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