The American West Coast is committed to protecting abortion

California, Washington and Oregon, the three states that make up the west coast of the United States, pledged to protect their rights this Friday. abortion through a series joint actions The attack characterized as the ‘West Coast Offensive’ (west coast offensive).

Promised by the governors of these three Democratic-majority states, the plan includes a program to defend medical staff working in abortion clinics and to support measures against women traveling from other states where the practice is prohibited. “We will work hard to protect your rights and safety,” California governor Gavin Newsom, the most populous state in the US with a population of nearly 40 million, said in a video message.

Soon after learning of the nation’s Supreme Court ruling revoking the legal protection of abortion, Newsom said on other occasions. California referred to as a “sanctuary” for reproductive rightsWashington released a video message with Jay Inslee and Oregon governors Kate Brown.

His position highlights the deep gap in the US regarding social issues. The nation’s West Coast is the epicenter of progress and economic development, with cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles pledging to protect abortion, while nine other states, most of them in America’s Midwest, have banned abortion at the same time. “Conservative (red) states and Republican-occupied courts have reclaimed the rights of Americans,” said Inslee of Washington state. Said.

Oregon’s governor suggested that his state would “resist interference from prosecutors and officials” from West Coast states “trying to investigate patients receiving services” from other counties. “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. Oregon isn’t turning down anyone seeking healthcare‘, he repeated in another speech.

In that sense, Newsom stepped up its response this Friday by signing a bill that exempts abortion service providers from any liability when serving patients traveling from persecuted states. According to the University of California at Los Angeles, 8,000 to 16,000 women may move to California each year after the Supreme Court decision. In California, the abortion limit is set by doctors when there is “possibility of the fetus living outside the womb,” according to current law passed in 2002.

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