Weather chaos: Mallorca airport hit hardest by Ryanair strike

Cabin crew on strike ryanair, Begins Friday, June 24and that Coincides with protests until Sunday He was also summoned by the employees of the Irish airline. Belgium, Portugal, France and Italy expect a weekend of weather chaos.

It will be the most affected airport Majorca: 267 flights with approximately 60,000 seats are planned. The company, meanwhile, has yet to disclose which routes the strike will condition, and the USO, one of the convening unions, describes the minimum services set by the Ministry of Transport as “exploited”.

These are the scheduled flights to countries affected by the strike, according to Mabrian’s data.

Ryanair cabin crew strike across Europe puts trip home at risk600,000 travelers qThat represents more than 3,000 flights flying from Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal in just three days, according to this Thursday’s analysis. Mabrian is an intelligence data company based in Menorca.

Ryanair has not yet released the list of flights that will be affected. for the first major strike in the airline industry since pre-pandemic. Company sources claim that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda was just yesterday afternoon. minimum services in the absence of an agreement between the parties. Strike continues in Spain Collected by USO and Sitcpla. It will begin this Friday and will continue on 25, 26 and 30 June and 1 and 2 July. It is the company that carries the most passengers in the Spanish market, with more than 650 routes in 2021.

Since TO USE they criticize. minimum services “totally abuse”, moreover, considering that there were “two previous court orders” on this issue and now that “Ryanair workers have once again clearly violated their right to strike”. “We have no choice but to be surprised at this completely passive attitude of the Government and Ministry.” They believe that “the administration should stop looking the other way” because “all the workers want is to comply with Spanish legislation and sit down with the unions chosen by the workers to negotiate collective bargaining”. , is added.

The USO says they forwarded the protected flight request to Ryanair yesterday after learning about the Department’s minimum service ordinance, the list of workers assigned to shielded flights and crew members assigned to imaginary (watchman) flights. Still, the company “did not send a single letter to a single worker informing him that the flight he had to perform was a minimal service.”

In his analysis of the strike, Mabrian explains that Spain will be the destination that will feel the most results, with nearly 300,000 scheduled seats on more than 1,500 flights. Mallorca airport is the most affected airport in Spain with 267 flights and 50,756 seats.

Source: Informacion


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