Manager assures there will be no shortage of chickens this summer

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, louis planesthis friday assured there will be no shortage of chicken this summer Considering the warnings made by poultry farmers about millionaire losses due to increased costs that will lead to a shortage of supply for national demand.

“I won’t famine“, approved the plans Recognizing that in the Antena 3 related statements collected by Europa Press, costs have “clearly” increased due to the rise in feed prices and energy cost as the government’s horizontal or specifically accepted response,

Likewise, he stated that the sale price is regulated by the food chain law. “One thing is to fight for better prices, which is perfectly legitimate, to seek good performance, and the other is to make prophecies. “This has nothing to do with reality because there will be supply, there is no shortage problem in Spain or the European Union, of course we have a price increase problem,” he said.

Noting that the sector is “permanent”, the Minister of Agriculture added: food chain law “will take some time to take full effect”Everyone needs to make an effort to implement this, not just what we do, it’s a situation that will normalize because no one will produce at a loss because if they do, they will shut it down,” he said.

Likewise, Planas acknowledged that: It’s a “complex moment” for him. especially the feed prices obtained from the livestock sector and all this means that “the balance between production cost and price is very unstable”.

Emphasizing that the government is “doing everything it can to support the industries”, Planas said, “If someone works at a loss, they will do it for a very limited time, then it will be closed.”

Source: Informacion


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