Police investigating alleged sexual harassment on Vigo beach in San Juan

Local Police acted on warning of an alleged incident on the beach of Samil de Vigo this Thursday. sexual abuse has occurred night San Juan.

It happened around 01:20. Two teenagers aged 18 and 19 Two men in the area approached and offered him a drink. After a short time the victims began to feel bad, and doubt they may have put some kind of substance in that drink. Although at least one of the young women allegedly had been touched by men, according to a witness, those who saw the scene said, based on the evidence: the victim was “disturbed” and resisted, they intervened and the attackers left the venue.

Ambulance came to the scene to help the young women, that men feel bad after taking the drinks offered to them. and one of them reported pain in the genital area. The police investigate this harassment incident to clarify the presence of chemicals and find the perpetrators of the incidents.

Source: Informacion


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