Location of air leak from station ISS indicated at 22:19

An air leak discovered on the International Space Station (ISS) does not threaten the health of the crew or the station. This was reported by RT with reference to data from the state company Roscosmos.

The ministry emphasized that the ISS flight continues normally.

It is stated that the air leaves the Russian section of the ISS in the transit room of the Zvezda service module.

“ISS crew has everything they need to fix the leak, including support from Earth” – reported TASS special correspondent Oleg Kononenko added that he was involved in eliminating the leak.

On February 28, information about the Russian section of the ISS appeared started air leak.

ISS orbit last week raised 3 km for the spring shift change of the Soyuz spacecraft, where Belarusian cosmonauts are planned to arrive at the station with the Soyuz MS-25 spacecraft.

Previously in Russia gathered Send the greenhouse to the ISS.

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Source: Gazeta


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