Astronomers closer to discovering the Solar System’s elusive Ninth Planet 22:11

Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology in the United States have narrowed down their search for the solar system’s so-called Planet Nine, also known as Planet X. portal Live Science.

The hypothesis of the existence of another planet in our star system arose after the discovery of a number of objects with strangely curved orbits in the Kuiper belt (a large area of ​​asteroids and comets beyond the orbit of Neptune).

The analysis showed that such orbits could only be explained by the gravitational pull of a massive planet seven times larger than Earth. If Planet X really exists, then it should replace Earth, becoming the fifth largest planet in the Solar System.

According to preliminary calculations, Planet Nine is located 500-600 astronomical units from the Sun, that is, 500-600 times farther than our own star, Earth.

Astronomers analyzed 78% of the area where Planet The rest of space is beyond the reach of the Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii, where observations are made using its telescopes.

According to scientists, they expect to find Planet Nine within a few years.

Earlier astronomers I learnedIt turns out that the solar system is much larger than previously thought.

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Source: Gazeta


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